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Information for Practice Assessors

Our students need a broad range of experience to gain the knowledge and skills they need in practice and we are always looking for opportunities to increase the range of placements our students have access to on our pre-registration healthcare courses.

If you agree to become a placement provider, you will be helping to train the next generation of healthcare professionals.

What does it entail?

As a placement provider you would:

  • Provide unique learning opportunities
  • Receive support from us to review how your organisation can act as an effective learning environment
  • Be eligible to access training and education sessions to prepare and support staff in their work with students
  • Benefit from a dedicated University Practice Learning Adviser (UPLA), who will act as the main link between you and BU for placement purposes
  • Be in a position to highlight any career opportunities to prospective employees
  • Gain access to some of the additional resources we have at BU to contribute to excellence in your organisation.

If this sounds of interest to you, please contact the UPLA team for further details about becoming a placement provider.

Recall days

The BSc (Hons) Nursing curriculum, which started in September 2013, introduced the concept of recall days. These are designed to give the students a chance to reflect on their placement in a group setting with their peers and academic adviser. It is also a valuable opportunity for the academic adviser to provide support and monitor progress during each placement.

Recall days occur at set times during each placement and, although they are counted as theory days not practice days, the students are not required to make the time up. 

Each student will provide you with a letter confirming their recall day(s). In a 10 to 13 week placement, you should expect students to undertake one to two recall days, while in a five to seven week placement, they will only be required to attend one recall day.

Please contact the Placements Team if you require any confirmation of recall days.