We work with many individual service users, carers and local organisations to contribute to lectures across Health & Social Sciences programmes. The aim is to complement the academic input on a particular topic by providing the service user or carer perspective. Academics are required to complete a booking form identifying what the focus of the session is; what prior learning has taken place and what the aims of the session are. This enables us to identify input, which in turn encourages students to think meaningfully about the service user and carer experiences and to draw on the expertise of someone with first-hand experience in meeting the intended learning outcomes for their unit.

Among the sessions we have worked on are:

  •  Direct Payments
  •  Carer Assessments
  •  Mental Capacity Act
  •  HIV/Aids
  •  Transgender
  •  Homelessness
  •  Effective communication
  •  Confidentiality. 

Models of Involvement