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Engineering and Social Informatics Research Group (ESOTICS)

In ESOTICS, we view software as an integral part of a larger ecosystem that, besides technology, incorporates business and social aspects. We focus on the interrelation and mutual dependency between software and its dynamic organisational and social context. We study various kinds of social requirements and the engineering challenges to build a system able to accommodate them and adapt, intelligently when possible, to their changes and dynamics. We focus on the engineering of:

  • Transparency requirements 
  • Motivation requirements
  • Addiction-aware software
  • Socially adaptive systems
  • Affective computing
  • Socially responsible technology
  • Crowdsourcing projects.

Our approaches are generally model-driven and empirical. We also apply formal methods as needed. Our work is naturally inter-disciplinary and we collaborate with researchers from different disciplines including psychology, law and management. Our network of collaborators is international and includes experts from various disciplines including healthcare, responsible gambling, rehab centres, software industry, business administration, cyber safety, etc.

We offer tutorials and workshops that are tailored to address the collaboration between researchers from informatics and social sciences, and help fill the gap between the two communities.

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Introducing GamInnovate

The project builds on the EROGamb project’s findings that indicated that gamblers see responsible gambling messages sent by their gambling sites as ‘superficial’, ‘trivializing’ and ‘oblivious to their personal and social context’.