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Postgraduate researchers

Research conducted by postgraduate researchers within the Department of Computer Science and Informatics takes place within our departmental research groups: Cyber Security Research Group, Smart Technology Research Group, Human Computer Interaction Research Group, Machine Intelligence Group, Engineering of Social Informatics Research Group, Computing in Education Research Group – as well as in university-wide initiatives, such as interdisciplinary neuroscience research and data science.

Here you can find more information about our postgraduate researchers, their projects, publications and academic interests, as well as activities organised by academic and support staff and proposed and led by our researchers – including training (both internal and external) such as improving paper writing skills, grant writing skills, how to survive viva and how to present.

Within seminars organised in the research groups, we support our postgraduate researchers to develop their research in a broader sense and help them to position their research in their field. And within topic-focused reading groups, we develop research topics self-selected by our researchers.

For more information, contact Katarzyna Musial-Gabrys.

Excellence programme

Excellence programme

Find out more about our postgraduate research framework as well as the student centric events we have hosted.

Kaska Musial-Gabrys

Members and projects

Read about the various projects our research students are involved with, or that we have contributed to in the past.

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Explore the range of publications our research students have contributed to as part of the Department of Computer Science and Informatics.