Prof. Amor Abdelkader, Associate Professor in Advanced Materials, [email protected] 

Tilak Ginige, Senior Academic in Environmental Law, [email protected]

Dr Iain Green, Senior Academic in Biological Sciences, [email protected]

Roxanne King, Sustainability Manager – Environment and Green Economy, [email protected]

Alain Simons, Lecturer in Games Technology Programming, [email protected]

Prof. Rick Stafford, Professor of Marine Biology and Conservation, [email protected]

Dr Karen Thompson, Senior Academic in Leadership, Strategy & Organisations, [email protected]

Dr Patrick Van Calster, Senior Academic in Criminology, [email protected]

Organisation Committee Support Team

  • Rina Cindrak
  • Merve Demir
  • Eva-Mae Eighteen
  • Joseph McMullen
  • Georgia O'Brien
  • Michael Sinshaw
  • Nivedh Sreejit