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Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology staff

Head of Department

  • Dr Peter Hills – Face recognition, eye movements during driving, criminological psychology.

Academic staff

  • Dr Bernhard Angele – Eye movements during reading, language comprehension, visual cognition.
  • Professor Katherine Appleton – Human eating behaviour, appetite and healthy eating.
  • Dr Gizem Arabaci – Roles of cognitive mechanism, mind wandering, trait level inattention.
  • Dr Emily Arden–Close – Quality of life and adjustment to chronic illness in patients and their partners, Web-based interventions.
  • Dr Janice Attard–Johnson – Visual perception, pupillary responses and eye movements, typical and atypical sexual interests, sexual offending, eye–witness memory, face processing.
  • Professor Sarah Bate – Individual differences in face recognition, prosopagnosia (face–blindness), face recognition in forensic settings, superior face recognition, oxytocin.
  • Dr Helen Bolderston – Clinical psychology, mental health, acceptance-based psychotherapies, mindfulness, psychological wellbeing of health and social care professionals.
  • Dr Yvonne Bray – Clinical and Forensic Psychology, Shame and Moral Injury, Sexual Behaviour, Chemsex, Intimate Partner Violence
  • Professor Hana Burianová – cognitive neuroscience, brain plasticity, multimodal neuroimaging, memory & language, neurodegeneration
  • Dr Sarah Collard – Epilepsy, psychosocial impact of exercising with a chronic condition, identity, health psychology, qualitative methodology.
  • Dr Terri Cole – Behavioural investigative advice; forensic, particularly investigative psychology.
  • Dr Simon Draycott – Clinical psychology, personality disorder, offending behaviour, motivation to change, schema therapy.
  • Dr Jane Elsley – Working memory, feature binding, attention, cognitive ageing.
  • Dr Alejandro Estudillo – Cognitive neuroscience, face processing, cognitive neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, mathematical cognition.
  • Dr Timothy Gamble - Risk, Healthy and Sustainable Travel, Human Computer Interaction
  • Dr Maddy Greville–Harris – Clinical psychology, mental health, looked after children, attachment, disordered eating, patient-doctor interactions, placebo effects in chronic pain
  • Dr Nicola Gregory – Visual cognition, using eye-tracking in typical and clinical populations.
  • Dr Doug Hardman – The psychology and philosophy of medical practice, clinical judgement, critical psychology, ethnography. 
  • Dr Xun He – Visual attention and perception, interpersonal processes.
  • Dr Sarah Hodge – Cyberpsychology, morality, developmental psychology, video games.
  • Dr Andrew Johnson – Modularity in working memory and sequence memory.
  • Dr Julie Kirkby – Cognitive and developmental psychology, in particular eye movements, reading and visual cognition.
  • Professor Changhong Liu – Face perception, cognition, social and cross-cultural psychology.
  • Dr Otto Loberg: Eye movements and electrocortical activity during natural reading, visual cognition, electrocortical activity of attention,  reading development.
  • Dr Liz May – Clinical psychology, mental health, eating disorders, self-worth, emotion regulation.
  • Dr Andrew Mayers – Mental health (postnatal depression, postpartum psychosis, children and young people), sleep.
  • Dr John McAlaney – Social norms, behaviour change, substance use, digital addiction, cybersecurity.
  • Dr Natalie Mestry – Face processing, visual search, spectatorship of pictorial artworks
  • Dr Rachel Moseley – Autism spectrum conditions, language and semantic processing, embodied cognition.
  • Dr Samuel Nyman – Older people and people with dementia: falls prevention, physical activity promotion.
  • Dr Constantina Panourgia – Developmental psychology, risk and resilience, poverty, life adversity, emotional and behavioural adjustment
  • Dr Ben Parris – Cognitive control and frontal lobe functions.
  • Dr Emma Portch – Language – mediated perception, emotional expressions, cognitive interviewing, facial composites.
  • Dr Ellen Seiss – Clinical and cognitive neuroscience: EEG methods; modulation of cognitive processes by emotional valence, personality, nutrition (glucose), or disease (OCD, Parkinson's disease).
  • Dr Shanti Shanker – Cognitive control, learning and memory in healthy controls, patients with focal lesions and dementia.
  • Rachel Skinner - Forensic psychology, cyber psychology, social media, social norms, behaviour change.
  • Dr Tim Slattery – Visual cognition, eye movements, reading and language processing.
  • Dr Jacqui Taylor – Cyberpsychology, psychology education, online teaching and learning, online deception.
  • Dr Kevin Thomas –  Judgement and decision–making; interplay between cognition and emotion.
  • Dr Martin Vasilev - Attention and distraction, oculomotor control, reading, computational modelling, evidence synthesis.
  • Professor Jan Wiener – Spatial orientation, navigation and wayfinding; cognitive ageing; dementia.
  • Dr Liam Wignall – Sex and sexuality, BDSM and Kink, social networking sites, cyber psychology, qualitative methodology
  • Professor Julie Turner–Cobb – Effect of stress and social relationships on physical health; psychoendocrine influences in chronic illness; cortisol measurement in adults and children.
  • Dr Eleonora Vagnoni – Multisensory perception, peripersonal and interpersonal space representation, EEG methods, touch perception, the influence of emotion on visual and tactile perception.
  • Dr Laura Renshaw–Vuillier – Emotional experience and regulation, cognitive control, eating disorders, gambling, EEG, mHealth  ​
  • Dr Alla Yankouskaya – Social neuroscience, neuroimaging, cognitive psychology

Demonstrators and technicians

  • Dr Matthew Green – Language comprehension; sentence parsing in humans and artificial systems.
  • Jastine Antolin – Eye-tracking technical support; gaze behaviour during dynamic videos and real-time social interaction, social anxiety and oxytocin.

Visiting Professors

  • Professor Ray Bull – Investigative interviewing, detecting truth/lies, witness testimony, voice recognition.
  • Professor Susan Clarke – Clinical Psychology, mental health, personality disorder, self–harm, acceptance-based psychotherapies, DBT, ACT, mindfulness. 

Visiting Fellows

  • Dr Amanda Comoretto – resilience, humanitarian aid workers, work stress, coping factors, developmental psychology
  • Dr Christopher Miles – Short–term memory; serial learning; working memory; modularity
  • Dr Sebastien Miellet – Active vision, visual attention, face perception, scene processing, development and ageing
  • Professor Remco Polman – Sport & exercise psychology; health behaviour change; performance psychology
  • Dr Emmy van den Heuvel – human eating behaviour, protein intake, eating behaviour in older adults