I am a University Practice Learning Adviser at Bournemouth University. Upon qualification in 1987 I worked within the acute medical field specialising in respiratory medicine. After 15 years I then experienced the role of registration and inspection officer for the independent sector before commencing at Bournemouth University. Since 2000 I have been a lecturer and practice education link for both pre and post registration education in health and social care. My role as a University Practice Learning Adviser is multifaceted and I act as a linchpin between practice and the University. Although I am an academic I have a specific remit in practice education which enables to be in key position to contribute to curriculum design and conduct reserch in relation to practice issues.
My interests include providing innovative ways to educate, provide guidance and disseminate information to practice supervisors and assessors who are supporting pre-registration students. More specifically my work focuses on working in partnership with practice partners in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect in order to provide quality practice placements.


Outreach & engagement