Mehran has many years experience as a designer and has interests in design methods, manufacturing, material selection and applied technology. He is an active member of the Design Simulation Research Centre. He has been involved with PhD research supervision for many years. During his time as an academic at Bournemouth University he has run a number of units in the areas of Applied Technology, Technological Principles, Science & Technology, Materials & Processing, design methods, projects, manufacturing and Design Management Commercialisation as well as Business Development. Additionally to this he is also involved with project supervision on the technology and management support on all Design Courses and is more directly involved with Final Year Projects for BSc (Hons) Design Engineering. Mehran's research focus is in the field of Composite Materials and Neural Networks in which he is supervising PhD students. Mehran has also been instrumental in the development and validation as well as accreditation of several undergraduate courses in Design.