Dr Tauringana joined the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences from the University of West London in 2021. She is a Registered General Nurse (RGN) with extensive experience in acute care settings and care of older adults. Memory has worked abroad and in the UK. In the UK, she has worked with North London Blood Transfusion Service, in private and NHS hospitals, medical/surgical wards, nursing homes, community specialist care, training and management. She has held different posts in various health care establishments when she lived in London, Edinburgh, Luton, Isle of Man and then Bournemouth.

As an Adult Nursing Lecturer, Memory contributes at all levels of study, from first year undergraduate to PhD level. She is the Unit Leader for the Foundations of Nursing. She is passionate about higher and nurse education and in particular student centred pedagogical practice and inclusivity.

Memory’s research interests are concentrated in the areas of adoption of technology and electronic commerce among older adults with emphasis on usability, accessibility and ease of use; promoting health, inclusivity, well-being and health access by individuals from vulnerable or marginalised communities.