Trevor Hearing is a Principal Academic in the Media Production Academic Group. He draws on his background as a filmmaker to research the conceptualisation of knowledge, emotion and identity in a mediatised age. He is particularly interested in how storytelling can help us to communicate complex ideas and feelings about who we are in the context of global, local and migratory perspectives as we encounter significant societal change. His current research projects include the application of verbatim film drama techniques as a research method to communicate the marginalising experience of patients, and the application of ‘psycho-geographic’ filmic methods to understand region, place and no-place in shaping identity.

He takes a particular interest in practice based research and performative methods of scholarship to understand the communication of complex issues in a popular idiom. He undertook a PhD by practice researching documentary film production as a method of scholarship. He has made numerous presentations to conferences and symposia in this field and has recently extended his post doctoral research to include investigation into experimental multicamera production as a scholarly method.

Previously he was Principal Lecturer and Head of Television and Video at the University of Sunderland 2001-06.

Prior to his academic career, he was a television cameraman, director, producer and executive producer working on productions for ITV, BBC and Channel Four.