My main research interests focus on Computational Intelligence applied to Computer Games including Artificial Intelligence combined with Human-Computer Interaction. I have been involved in research on Interactive Storytelling which led to the development of several interactive systems which have won several awards.

I completed a PhD in Computer Science, entitled “Intelligent Virtual Actors in Interactive Storytelling”, which had an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence techniques but also covered areas of Computer Graphics and Human Computer Interaction applied to Computer Games Technologies. I have a BSc in Computer Science, followed by a Master’s degree in Computer Aided Graphical Technology Applications.


My research interests include: Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction, Narrative Systems, Interactive Storytelling, Virtual Reality, Computer Games.

My research focuses on social psychological aspects of behaviour, and how this is influenced by personality, group dynamics and interpersonal relationships. My PhD focused explicitly on the influence of narcissism on team dynamics (e.g., team cohesion, team conflict) and organisational outcomes (e.g., team performance), and utilised a variety of methodological approaches (e.g., longitudinal hierarchical modelling, round-robin data analyses, mediation).

Since joining Bournemouth University I have worked with colleagues from various departments to conduct research on problematic gambling and how this can be addressed with the help of technology to detect, predict, prevent, and intervene with harmful gambling behaviours. This work has involved a range of methodological approaches (e.g., eye-tracking, longitudinal design, RCT) and has been presented to Parliament. I also conduct research looking at marginalised communities and gambling (i.e., LGBTQ+ and gambling), and promoting suicide prevention and postvention within healthcare settings.