These reviews represent our regular, running commentary on the current performance of the Dorset economy and its wider economic context. They provide analysis of trends and prospects from the perspective of the latest data, policy and other events and summarise our short-term thinking about the ‘state of the economy’.

Summer 2019: Close to recession and facing difficult economic circumstances in the months ahead (pdf 167kb).

Spring 2019: A critical point in the economic cycle given widespread investment uncertainty (pdf 490kb).

Winter 2019: Analysis of current uncertainty and how it might affect the local economy (pdf 164kb).

Autumn 2018: Repeating year 2000 (Y2K) or Great Recession (GR2)? (pdf 112kb).

Summer 2018: Analysis of current trends and future outlook for the Dorset economy (pdf 187kb).

Spring 2018: Local development and the 'wrong' kind of growth (pdf 195kb).

Winter 2018: Local development news with respect to the economy, BREXIT, and the industrial strategy (pdf 185kb).

Autumn 2017: The path of the economy through 2017 and the near term outlook (pdf 140kb).

Summer 2017: Financial and Macro Stability (pdf 173kb).

Spring 2017: It considers the current state of the economy (national and local) and looks at some of the policy and political risks it faces in the years ahead (pdf 221kb).

Winter 2017: Economic uncertainty and the Modern Industrial Strategy (pdf 188kb).

Autumn 2016: The changing mood of business in the wake of the Brexit vote (pdf 238kb).

Summer 2016: The immediate and longer-term local impacts of the UK's Brexit vote (pdf 269kb).

Spring 2016: The slowing of growth in preceding months and what it meant for Dorset business (pdf 294kb).

Winter 2015: Regional Economic Development – featuring the latest GVA and ASHE data (pdf 280kb).

Summer 2015: Regional Economic Development – considering household incomes and innovation in Dorset (pdf 204kb).

Spring 2015: Regional Economic Development – emphasising the ‘productivity gap’ (pdf 138kb).