Local Economic Briefings

These cover aspects of economic development, such as new local data releases or revisions (eg. Dorset GVA in December), policy changes (eg. UK Budgets) and events (eg. major closures or investments locally). They add to our understanding of Dorset’s economy and are written as and when important information comes to light, rather than to any fixed timetable.

September 2019: The 'Stupid' Economy (pdf 40 KB)

January 2019: Latest Key Local Data (pdf 56 KB)

October 2018: Human Capital (pdf 79kb)

Autumn 2018: Local labour Markets - Mid 2018 & Beyond (pdf 64kb)

May 2018: Latest Regional Incomes release (pdf 66kb)

December 2017: The Development Environment after the Budget and the Industrial Strategy (pdf 90kb)

November 2017: Research & Development and Business Demographics (pdf 61kb)

November 2017: Investment comparisons (pdf 76kb)

July 2017: Productivity and Industrial Strategy Revisited (pdf 79kb)

June 2017: UK Innovation Survey  (pdf 61kb) 

June 2017: Sub-National Incomes in 2015 (pdf 122kb)

April 2017: Dorset Productivity & the ‘Modern Industrial Strategy’ (pdf 127kb).

January 2017: The Annual Local GVA Release (pdf 149kb).

November 2016: A ‘new’ Industrial Strategy for a ‘new’ World (pdf 128kb).

August 2016: Local Labour Market (pdf 112kb).

June 2016: Regional Incomes (pdf 169kb).

April 2016: Economics and the UK Referendum: To Remain In or Leave the EU (pdf 128kb).

March 2016: Next Generation First – The UK Budget March 2016 (pdf 66kb).

March 2016: Latest Local Productivity Numbers (pdf 79kb).

December 2015: The Annual Regional GVA Release (pdf 141kb).

November 2015: The Annual Business Survey (pdf 78kb).

November 2015: The Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (pdf 84kb).

October 2015: The Living Wage (pdf 84kb).

July 2015: The Budget – July 2015 (pdf 108kb).

May 2015: The Local Labour Market in Early 2015 (pdf 80kb).

April 2015: Relative Value – Dorset and Its Neighbours (pdf 85kb).

April 2015: Relative Productivity – The SE-SW Divide (pdf 80kb).