A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) will embed a high-calibre graduate into your organisation and partner you with a leading BU academic, and is a proven way to help you develop new products and improve your services – giving you an edge over your competitors.

What’s more, KTPs are largely funded by the UK Government – 67% for SMEs and 50% for large organisations – while your own costs are eligible under the research and development tax credits scheme, reducing your contribution even further.

Thousands of businesses have made use of the scheme over the 47 years it’s been running, with benefits including increased investment in research and development, increased exports and increased revenue. The partnership can last from one to three years, and, because it’s a collaborative partnership, we work with you to develop the proposal which massively boosts the chances of the application succeeding.

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BU research with seven-figure returns

Producing high-quality character animation involves a significant amount of time-consuming manual work, making character animation production difficult and inefficient. A KTP between BU and Humain Ltd tackled this problem, with student Shaojun Bian being embedded into the company to research ways to make animation easier and more efficient.

The result was an improvement in production practices and economic impact for Humain Ltd, using BU’s newly developed character animation techniques. These techniques reduced the time needed to create a facial rig from several weeks to several minutes, helped Humain Ltd attract £1,096,000 investment and generate £1,153,000 revenue in three years, and helped them become a world-leading technology and entertainment company with high-quality products and services.