At BU, we believe every student deserves the chance to fulfil their potential and that no individual’s studies or future prospects should suffer due to their financial status or personal circumstances.

Our students have the skills and ambition to achieve incredible things – but those from disadvantaged backgrounds often face additional barriers to realising their true promise.

And given the increasingly turbulent economic landscape and escalating cost-of-living crisis, we know that the number of students facing financial difficulties is only likely to grow further.

That is why we have developed the new BU Studentship Grants scheme – to transform the experiences of those requiring a helping hand.

Increasing need for support

BU sets aside significant funds every year to assist the students most in need. During the 2021-22 academic year, more than £380,000 of hardship funding was distributed. However, philanthropic support allows us to go further and make a bigger impact.

During the current cost-of-living crisis, we know our students need that support more than ever. In addition to the usual costs associated with life at university, we are now seeing an increasing number of students struggling with essential daily costs such as food, travel and energy bills. While many are supported by family and loved ones, others do not have that safety net.

Results from the most recent National Student Money Survey laid bare the extent of the concerns and anxieties among students in the UK: 82% worry about making ends meet, four in five have considered dropping out of their studies including 52% who cited money concerns as the reason, 31% said financial worries had caused their grades to suffer and 59% said those concerns had negatively impacted their mental health.

BU Studentship Grants

Support from our generous donors has already made a major difference to students facing these challenges – before, during and after the pandemic.

Thank you so, so much. This means the world to me. You have just lifted a heavy load off my shoulders.

Thank you so much. This has really relieved a lot of stress and worry I’ve had about making it until my next grant instalment! Thank you, any support given has been greatly appreciated.

I never used to ask for help so I had a breakthrough already when I applied. This not only paid for my laptop but also paid rent for almost a month. I am truly grateful.

BU Studentship Grants will build on our previous and current philanthropic support by reducing financial pressures to allow students to benefit from funding at crucial times. This could include support to help reduce dependence on income from multiple part-time jobs, emergency funding to cover essential costs, or opportunity grants to help students take up work placements.

With your help, we can bridge the gap and allow these students to participate fully in university life and learning, and propel them on to a bright and successful future. All donations to the BU Studentship Grant scheme will go directly towards supporting BU students.

How you can help

These are incredibly challenging times and we understand that donating is simply not possible for everybody. But if you are able to, we would be incredibly grateful if you would consider supporting in any of the following ways:

  • Establishing a new named studentship, with a minimum commitment of £10,000 per undergraduate student (to be spread equally over the three or four-year course), or £10,000 for Masters’ students over two years (£5,000 for one student each year)
  • Creating a new named fund for students with a donation(s) which could benefit multiple recipients (i.e. for work placement opportunities). Minimum commitment of £10,000 over four years (£2,500 per year)
  • Donating to support students facing hardship by making a contribution of any amount to our Financial Support Fund.

Evidence shows that this level of studentship/named fund contribution, especially during a student’s crucial final year at university, can allow them to focus more on their exams and key assessment units, without having the additional pressure of taking on multiple part-time jobs to cover essential living costs.

Alternatively, if you have a specific area of interest where you would like to focus your support, we will endeavour to work with you to achieve this while ensuring your donation makes the biggest possible impact to students.

To donate, please contact Jonathan Goode, BU’s Head of Fundraising, via [email protected] or 01202 962314 for further information and details of the various mechanisms available.

Thank you so much for your support.

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