Supporting BU students

Student support

With the economic effects of the pandemic still having a major impact, a heightened number of students continue to struggle to make ends meet. 

Due to multiple factors including job losses, lack of available part-time work and additional bills, significant financial hardship is a reality for many students. A reality where already tight budgets have been further stretched. A reality where paying everyday costs such as food, accommodation, medicine and books has become ever more challenging.

At BU, we believe that no individual should suffer academically because of financial hardship. Our student services teams have been working incredibly hard to ensure that support is at hand. BU sets aside a significant amount of money every year to assist our students. Last year, almost £300,000 was distributed via our core Financial Support Fund. In addition, the university awarded £244,985 to help students in response to the unprecedented levels of hardship created by the pandemic, with alumni, staff and supporters among the generous donors who contributed to that vital fund.

This made a huge difference to award beneficiaries:

Thank you so, so much. This means the world to me. You have just lifted a heavy load off my shoulders.

Thank you so much. This has really relieved a lot of stress and worry I’ve had about making it until my next grant instalment! Thank you, any support given has been greatly appreciated.

I never used to ask for help so I had a breakthrough already when I applied. This not only paid for my laptop but also paid rent for almost a month. I am truly grateful.

We expect demand for this type of support to remain high as the effects of COVID-19 continue into the 2021-22 academic year and beyond.

These are incredibly challenging times and we understand that donating is simply not possible for everybody. But if you are able to, we would be incredibly grateful if you would consider supporting BU students by setting up a regular donation or making a one-off gift towards our student support funds.

If you would like to help, you can: 

Your support will make a massive difference and 100% of donations received will go directly towards helping BU students. We would also be delighted to recognise any significant gifts, for example, through setting up a named bursary.

Please contact Ian Wadley, BU’s Head of Fundraising, via [email protected] or 01202 962314 for further information. Thank you so much for your support.