Archaeologists at BU are currently working to discover the fascinating story behind 34 skeletons found buried near the entrance of Dorset’s Maiden Castle – one of Britain’s most well-known prehistoric structures.

The skeletons were found in the 1930s by eminent archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler, who observed what he believed to be evidence of horrific battle injuries amongst the individuals. This led him to conclude that the individuals had been brutally massacred by the Romans during a violent assault on the site.

Sir Mortimer’s interpretation was accepted as fact for decades but recent research by BU academics has raised significant questions about these findings – meaning that the mystery of what happened to these individuals is far from solved.

We are now fundraising for additional work needed to conclusively prove the fate of the Maiden Castle skeletons and finally solve this Iron Age Dorset murder mystery.

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Photo credit: Hulton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis.