The incredible growth in digital content in recent years, which is not expected to slow any time soon, has thrown data science and analytics to the fore. Companies from all sectors want to use this big data to aid their business decision making and the UK government has even singled out data science as the main growth-driving force within the country’s economy.

However, there is a major skills shortage within the field of data science from both a technological and scientific perspective. We formed this institute with three main objectives:

  1. To deliver interdisciplinary training to highly skilled researchers and leaders within the field of data science
  2. To provide internationally leading and excellent research contributions within the area of data science, with a particular focus on scalability, automation of typical tasks, adaptivity, and learning capability of developed methods, tools and products
  3. To create a unique and highly stimulating environment, leading to opportunities for making a substantial academic, societal and commercial impact within the area of data science.

The Data Science Institute is headed up by Bogdan Gabrys, a professor in computational intelligence who has been heavily involved with furthering our research and work in the fields of computational intelligence, smart technology and data science for over a decade. You can find more information about the work we are carrying out through the institute, as well as read about the multi-disciplinary staff on our dedicated Data Science Institute research page.