This webpage provides information for students who were contacted by the Finance department on 12 July 2023 about further extensions to the deadline for completing payment of outstanding tuition fees.  

The university’s decision  

What has the university decided?  

Because of the current situation with the Nigerian currency and exchange rates, the university is offering Nigerian students who started their studies in January 2023 the opportunity to extend the deadline for paying the final instalment of their tuition fees should they be impacted by the changes to currency.  This decision is an exception to our Fees Policy and the Student Agreement. Under the Fees Policy and the Student Agreement, we would normally be withdrawing any student who had not paid 100% of their tuition fees policy by this point in the year. The decision we are taking means that sanctions for non-payment set out in our Fees Policy and the Student Agreement may still be applied but not until a later date (see below).  

Why has the university taken this decision?  

This is an exceptional response to the unique circumstances in terms of the Nigerian currency and foreign exchange rates. Recent events (the currency flotation of the naira and its subsequent devaluation and the removal of the discount rate applied to all Form A payments on 14 June 2023) may have had an impact on Nigerian students’ ability to pay the full fee. The cost to students in naira of paying outstanding fees in UK pound sterling is nearly double in comparison to what they would have paid if using the Form A rate.  This represents a substantial change to what students would have expected prior to the original deadline for the second instalment of their tuition fees. However, the extended deadlines we are setting now are firm deadlines and you will be withdrawn if you don’t meet the payment requirements by those dates.  

Next steps

How the extension and new deadlines might affect your course

Immigration and visa implications