Due to an unusually high demand for accommodation, there is currently limited availability for BU-allocated accommodation.

However, there are the following ways that we can help you find somewhere to live:

  • The BU Lettings Service offers a variety of student accommodation in Bournemouth from student houses, detached homes, flats and studios. Most of the properties are intended for group lets and you can find other students who are looking for accommodation through our dedicated Facebook group
  • Attend our Homefinders Day on Wednesday 3 September, 11am-3pm, on Talbot Campus. This event offers you the opportunity to meet other students who would like to rent a shared property. A number of local estate agents and private student accommodation providers will be present and there is also the opportunity to have viewings of the properties we have available to rent through our BU Lettings Service. Register online to attend the event.

Chloe's story

“I was a bit worried about what I was going to do when I found out I didn't get any university provided accommodation, but the Homefinders Day reassured me that there were plenty of others in the same position.

The day in itself was really easy. There were plenty of BU staff and students there to assist future students and parents with any queries, as well as helping to pair up students who were looking for housemates.

There were also lots of estate agents present, as soon as we had established who we were living with, we simply approached one who took us around a couple of different houses. After two or three, we found one that we loved, and went straight away to the estate agents and signed for it there and then!

We moved in about two weeks later and had without a doubt the best year of our lives!”

Chloe Schendel-Wilson, BU Graduate and SUBU President

If you wish to speak to one of our accommodation advisers, please call us on 01202 962888.