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Ageing and Dementia Research Centre's Training Resources

Through their research and teaching, BU's Ageing and Dementia Research Centre has produced a number of key training resources for healthcare professionals. More information about these training resources can be found below.

The Eating and Drinking Well with Dementia ToolkitThe Eating and Drinking Well with Dementia Toolkit

Based on their research, Professor Jane Murphy, Dr Joanne Holmes and the team at the ADRC have developed a toolkit to provide freely available resources (a film, workbook, leaflet and guide) to deliver person-centred nutritional care in the area of dementia.

The toolkit has been used all over the UK and overseas, as far afield as Australia and is the winner of the 2019 CN Award for Nutrition Resource of the Year.

Access these training resources

Eating and Drinking Well with Dementia: A Guide for Family Carers and FriendsEating and Drinking Well with Dementia: A Guide for Family Carers and Friends

The new guide for family carers and friends is full of information about eating and drinking well for people living with dementia. Good food, nutrition and hydration are important for everyone, but we know that eating and drinking can become increasingly difficult as dementia progresses. The guide has been developed to provide some helpful advice and tips on how to increase food and drink intake for those living with dementia. It does not cover nutritional care in people with advanced dementia. It is important to seek specialist nutritional support at this stage.

The guide has been created as a result of the huge success of our Nutrition toolkit. We hope you can pick up a few ideas here to help and support you as a carer to overcome some challenges you might face. Food and mealtimes should be and can continue to be an enjoyable experience.

If you would like to receive a hard copy of this guide, please contact Caroline the ADRC Administrator on:

Tel: 01202 962536
Email: [email protected]

Otherwise you can download the guide for free:

Download Eating and Drinking Well with Dementia: A Guide for Family Carers and Friends

Managing malnutrition and caring for older people in the community guidebookManaging Malnutrition and Caring for Older People in the Community Workbook and Videos

This workbook has been published as part of a research project called INSCCOPe (Implementing Nutritional Screening in Community Care for Older People). This project looked at the effectiveness, barriers and enablers to implementing a new procedure for screening and care for older people by integrated community teams (ICTs) within Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. The new procedure was implemented by ICTs in Andover, Winchester and Basingstoke. The workbook is available to download here.

There are also two videos to watch which show the highlights from the INSCCOPe research project, led by Bournemouth University working in partnership with Wessex AHSN and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Watch the videos and download the workbook