The Centre for Seldom Heard Voices publishes a Working Papers Series and associated resources, such as toolkits or practice manuals that have been developed. This series commenced in spring 2023. 

It presents advanced work in-progress as well as other resources produced by its members based on their local, national, or international research projects. 


The series commences with four working papers and corresponding practice manuals arising from the SOUNDS project, which uses innovative, participatory music-based methods to engage young people at risk of criminal exploitation in Albania, conducted between 2021 and 2023 as part of a wider, international development cooperation project under the auspices of Palladium International Ltd. known as RAYS Albania ('Reconnecting Albanian Youth and Society').

Working papers 

Working Paper 1: Focus Group Discussions – local perspectives on serious organised crime risks, Albania (pdf, 5.4MB) 

Working Paper 2: Music Elicitation, report on research, implementation, and training (pdf, 1.6MB)

Working Paper 3: Creating Soundscapes - FAM-case study 1 (pdf, 3.6MB)

Working Paper 4: Music for Futures - Beats/Lyrics-Making – FAM case study 2 (pdf, 1.8MB) 

Handbooks and practice manuals 

Handbook 1 – Music Elicitation (pdf, 3MB) Written in Albanian. Practice manual for professionals only.

Please contact [email protected] for an English version

Handbook 2 – Creating Soundscapes: 

Handbook 3 – Music for Futures: Beats/Lyrics-Making (pdf, 1.2MB) Written in English 

Posters and presentations 

Poster 1 - Focus Group Discussion Findings (pdf, 1.04MB)

Poster 2 - Music Elicitation (pdf, 482MB) 

Poster 3 - FAM-Strategy (pdf, 514KB) 

Poster 4 - Soundscape Production (pdf, 330KB) 

Poster 5  - Music for Futures - Beats and Lyric Making (pdf, 437kb)