Within the Computing and Informatics Research Centre (CIRC), we conduct research across a variety of fields and have identified five main areas of focus: Cyber Security, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Future and Complex Networks, Human-Computer Interaction, and Processes and Behaviour Understanding.

Each of these fields involves collaboration between academic members of our team and our postgraduate researchers.

The Computing and Informatics Research Centre grows and sustains its research culture and environment through its five research groups. 

Our research groups

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Our impact

The Centre’s four impact case studies submitted to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 illustrate our approach and strategy, each one representing a different aspect as well as being representative of our main application areas:

  • Defeating the pirates: creating a technical guide to support EU law enforcement agencies in combatting audiovisual piracy
  • Productive security and privacy by design: building security and privacy tools into the earliest stages of software development
  • Journey into SPACE: using socially-aware computing to inform the design of an app to reduce digital addiction
  • Creating internationally-recognised standards for crowdsourced systems

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