Our research primarily focuses on understanding behaviour and processes to support the discovery of new knowledge - specifically, natural or human phenomena and processes and their underlying embedded behaviour(s). We use big data, sensor data fusion and intelligent agents, supported by fundamental theories for high level reasoning, advanced situational awareness and knowledge discovery. We test new processes and behaviour theories in lab and field experiments through multi-modal observation platforms and digital twins - computer programs that use real-world data to create simulations and predictions. 

Our research has a broad range of applications across different sectors, including disease diagnosis and healthcare; the behaviour of species and ecosystems under climate change; human behaviour with regards to cyber and physical security in urban spaces; and automated detection of industrial processes for critical operations. 

Expertise and areas of interest

The PRO_BU research group covers a broad range of expertise and research interests. This includes data fusion and adaptive forecasting, computer vision and machine deep learning, feature selections optimisation, multi-structured big data processing for knowledge discovery, human and species behaviour understanding and more.

This collective expertise in our group is also supported with expertise in physical sciences, environmental sciences, mathematics, numerical methods, and cognitive psychology.


We have a number of national and international collaborators, including Prof J. Frey (University of Southampton), Prof M. Brito (University of Southampton), Prof C. Tao (University College London), Dr L. Gibelli (University of Edinburgh, Prof. N. Bellomo (University of Turin (Italy) and Granada (Spain), Prof. S. Dugzun (Colorado University, Golden, USA), Dr A. M. Rivera (National Centre of Respiratory Diseases, Mexico), Associate Prof. Robert Mayon (Dalian University of Technology, China), Prof. Shunichi Koshimura (Tohuku University, Japan)