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BU iWell


BU iWell is a research centre with a particular focus on people with chronic, long-term, and/or complex conditions. Our research activity takes an integrative approach to the understanding and promotion of human health. Through the expertise of our diverse membership, we seek to enhance wellbeing through innovations that are underpinned by many facets including:

  • User/community involvement
  • Physical activity
  • Public health and health promotion
  • Ecological approaches to health and wellbeing
  • Mental health and nutritional insights.

The interests of BU iWell members currently include:

  • Patient/user-centred self-management and participatory medicine
  • Physical activity
  • Sports injuries (including disability sport)
  • Chronic disease and co-morbidities
  • Falls/balance and rehabilitation
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Use of digital and technology-assisted treatments (e.g., apps, sensors, eHealth)
  • Biopsychosocial and community/ecological interventions
  • Health and wellbeing across the lifespan
  • Psychosocial stress and resilience (including Public mental health).

Specific populations of research interest for BU iWell members are:

  • People living with (or at risk of) epilepsy, hypertension, stroke, lung disease, chronic and acute pain
  • UK ethnic minorities with dietary-related, non-communicable disease and risk of disease
  • Athletes with a disability;
  • Dancers.