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Narrative, Culture and Community Research Centre

Narrative, Culture and Community Research Centre

Exploring how narrative interacts with and impacts on cultures and communities.

We define narrative very broadly and are concerned with examining it as a structuring mechanism across multiple media and disciplines. We are also interested in exploring how narrative interacts with and impacts on cultures and communities.  As an interdisciplinary research centre we bring together a range of diverse approaches and methodologies from members across the University.

Formerly a research cluster in the Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community, since its inception in 2008 the Narrative Research Group (NRG) has provided an inclusive and supportive space for staff, ECRs and PGRs from multiple disciplines who approach narrative from a range of methodological, critical and creative perspectives.

The new Centre, launched in 2019, provides an organisational structure for members’ research and professional practice activities, including funding bids, publications, seminars, workshops, and conferences.

It also aims to ensure that the development of research proceeds in a strategically informed way, providing support for individual researchers and encouraging new initiatives. 

Recent projects

DRIVE (Digital Reading for Inclusivity, Versatility and Engagement)

DRIVE is a new network that brings together academics, NGOs, stakeholders and practitioners from Kenya and the UK to explore the impact and application of digital technologies for development challenges in Africa.

Picture credit – Worldreader

The network brings together academics, industry, NGOs, policymakers and practitioners from Africa with UK partners to maximise digital technologies to address development challenges including health, energy and accessibility to online resources. Bournemouth University (UK) are working in partnership with the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (Kenya), Chuka University (Kenya) and Worldreader.

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A Conversation with Amal El-Mohtar (NCCR Seminar)

The Narrative Culture and Community Research Centre is delighted to welcome award-winning writer Amal El-Mohtar who will speak to Dr Rebecca Mills about her fiction, poetry and critical writing.