The National Centre for Cross Disciplinary Social Work (NCCDSW) at Bournemouth University is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable people by enhancing professional health and social care practice.

The Centre specialises in providing high quality education, continuing professional development (CPD) and training for professionals within Health and Social Care. We have had had over 20,000 students in the past 20 years and work with over half of the local authorities in England, plus 50 other major employers and as a team we are proud of our reputation and achievements.

Post-qualifying social work education is centred on a commitment, passion and dedication to develop proffesional practice, the enhancement of which is crucially focused on challenge and creative resolve, encompassing sound professional values, reasoning and judgement.

The department currently works in partnership with over one third of local authorities in England.  The flexible delivery model means we come to you to deliver education and training designed to make a positive contribution to practice. By improving the quality of social work practice the Centre and its staff make a vital contribution to society and vulnerable people in particular. We are also commissioned by a range of organisations to develop materials and toolkits for use by professionals and the public

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