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Nursing for long-term health PGRs

​PGR students

Nursing leadership and practice development 

Tanya Andrewes - Exploring the open: the impact of open education on health professionals’ CPD  [Supervisors:  Professor Debbie Holley & Dr Dawn Morley] 

Sarah Chessell - Development of an educational intervention to improve the quality of patient care through leadership, culture and communication [Supervisors: Dr Vanessa Heaslip & Professor Sam Porter] 

Nikki Glendening - From fear to flourishing: adult students nurses lived experience of self-managed independent learning [Supervisors:  Dr Liz Norton & Professor Elizabeth Rosser] 

Gladys Yinusa - Exploring the influence of organisational culture: an action research study to improve ward practices in the provision of food and nutritional care to hospitalised adult in-patient. [Supervisors:  Dr Janet Scammell, Professor Jane Murphy, Mrs Grainne Ford & Dr Sue Baron]

Megan Jedzinski - A national indication of academics' views on the fitness to practice (FTP) process across England, in Higher Educational Institutes (HEIs) [Supervisors:  Dr Sara White, Professor Sue Way & Dr Dominique Mylod]

Vulnerable and marginalised groups 

Barbara Pope - How to spouses cope with the emotional and practical experience of living alone after placing a spouse with dementia in care?  [Supervisors:  Dr Vanessa Heaslip, Dr Leslie Gelling & Dr Sharon Holland]

Eleanor Jack - Exploring the mental health education needs of undergraduate paramedic students through the lens of student experiences [Supervisors: Professor Ann Hemingway & Dr Jaqui Hewitt-Taylor] 

Emma Matthews - Exploring the lifeworld experience of wellbeing, as a phenomenon, in carers living with older people limited to home (housebound) whilst also being older than their spouse/partner themselves [Supervisors: Michele Board, Professor Lee-Ann Fenge & Dr Teresa Burdett]   

Sue Melling - Relatives' perspectives, experiences and perceived needs in a hospital setting [Supervisors: Dr Jacqui Hewitt-Tayloe & Dr Janet Scammell] 

Raksha Thapa - Caste-based inequality in healthcare focusing on Dalit communities in Makwanpur district, Nepal [Supervisors:  Dr Pramod Regmi, Professor Edwin van Teijlingen & Dr Vanessa Heaslip] 

Samuel Alugsi - Exploring the relationship between health system responsiveness and the implementation of person centred integrated care for older people with frailty. [Supervisors Dr Michele Board, Dr Caroline Ellis-Hill, Dr Abigail Barkham (Southern Health) Dr Euan Sadler (Southern Health)]

Fundamental clinical care practices 

Michelle Boucher - Early elective colostomy following spinal cord injury. [Supervisors:  Dr Desi Tait & Dr Leslie Gelling] 

Kelsie Fletcher - An examination of the lived experiences of nurses deployed into a disaster region and involved in international disaster management [Supervisors: Dr Desi Tait & Dr Lee Miles] 

Ella Thompson - Type 1 diabetes and disordered eating: developing best practice communication guidelines for healthcare professionals [Supervisors:  Dr Janet James, Dr Ann Luce & Katherine Appleton] 

Nurudeen Adesina - Development of a dietary digital tool for management of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in pregnant black African women in the UK [Supervisors: Dr Fotini Tsofliou, Dr Sue Green and Dr Huseyin Dogan]

Sharon Waight - What enables nurses to be and to remain compassionate in their roles?  [Supervisors: Dr Karen Rees and Dr Caroline Ellis-Hill]

Palliative and end-of-life care 

Sonya Chelvanayagam - Development of an educational intervention to improve end of life care for people with severe mental illness. [Supervisors:  Professor Sam Porter, Professor Debbie Holley & Dr Saskie Dorman] 

Ejike Ezeh - Development of a web-based information tool for people with advanced pancreatic cancer: a mixed methods study [Supervisors: Dr Janet Scammell, Dr Nan Jiana & Professor Sam Porter] 

Ashley Spriggs - The Development of an Intervention to Improve End-Of-Life Care for People with Dementia in Care Homes [Supervisors: Professor Sam Porter & Dr Janet Scammell]