The Centre for Wellbeing & Long-Term Health aims to promote health and well-being of people living with long term health challenges by enhancing care practices and professional development of care workers through education, research and scholarship.

Supporting people with long term conditions is one of the largest and growing areas of care. Nurses comprise the biggest healthcare staff group and working with individuals, families and carers, is fundamental to ensuring high quality care. The Centre for Wellbeing & Long-Term Health focuses upon creating knowledge, informing cutting-edge nursing practice and empowering people to manage their own complex conditions.  

The Centre has key research programmes across the life course, focused on promoting health and wellbeing in those living with long-term health needs through enabling practices across health and social care services. Due to the fast-changing world of health care, the Centre’s activities are underpinned by a focus on transformative technology, exploring new ways of working and delivering care in 21st Century practice. Our research draws across a range of methodologies, and has reach and impact internationally, nationally and regionally. 

Our research areas

Doctoral students

A large number of doctoral students are benefitting through their engagement with the Centre for Wellbeing & Long-Term Health and are also contributing to the work of the Centre. Doctoral students are working on projects as diverse as end-of-life care, the impact of forced migration, quality of life in patients with Down's Syndrome, dementia care and much more. For more information about doctoral study in the Centre for Wellbeing & Long-term Health contact Dr Leslie Gelling ([email protected]).