Our aim in this programme is to develop, design and deliver research which evaluates and improves palliative and end of life care delivered by practitioners both in professional groups and in teams of health and social care workers for all people across at all points in the life span with in communities, who are living with mental and physical health issues and conditions. Our research includes the following areas:

  • Arts in palliative care: Although arts-based therapies are widely used the evidence base needs to be developed. Our proposed methodologies include randomised controlled trialling and critical realist evaluation,
  • Virtual/augmented reality and learning to deliver palliative and end of life care in teams: We want to establish whether virtual and or augmented reality technologies can help nurses learn to deliver better palliative and end of life care. Palliative care is delivered in teams to people of all ages, with mental and physical health issues, so we want to understand if these technologies help nurses learn in teams as well as nurses,
  • Intersections of health and social care: Access to palliative and end of life care is a social justice issue and one which moves to create compassionate communities have attempted to address. Yet little is understood about the voices which are less often heard in palliative care. In this sub theme we want to attend to listening to these unheard voices.