Capturing research through a lens

The BU Research Photography Competition

Can you tell a story of your research through photography?

That’s the challenge we set academics and research students at Bournemouth University. Photography is a great way to capture and share a different side of your research with other staff, students and members of the public. 

The last few years have seen our staff and students submitting a wide range of images summing up their research. You can find out more about previous winners and the results of 2019 competition below. 

Shayan Mara

2018 winners

The photography theme this year was ‘people’. This was open to interpretation, with photographers choosing to take an image of their research team, show people who might benefit or be affected by the research or even take a point-of-view shot.
2017 winners - research photography competition

2017 winners

Entries to this competition demonstrated some of the research taking place both here at BU and across the globe, from forensic investigation to midwifery in Nepal, meeting the identity needs of older people and looking at repairing trust in the service sector.
2016 winners - research photography competition

2016 winners

Researchers from across the university used their cameras to capture their research in a single image; the subsequent pictures demonstrated not just the creativity of BU’s academics and postgraduates, but also the range of research taking place.