The project

Using quantitative and qualititaive methods, this project looked at the nature of the people working in the physical activity sector, which can include sport, fitness, exercise, leisure, gym, coaching, health and wellbeing.

We explored how the nature of those in the physical activity workforce, and how they are perceived, could affect the physical activity levels of LGBT+ individuals and communities.

What we discovered

Personal Trainer

 The first key finding was about nature of the the physical activity workforce itself. We found that heterosexual and non-transgender participants are more likely to occupy workforce roles than members of the LGBT+ communities.

When it came to how LGBT+ people viewed the workforce, we found that individuals and communities cared relatively little about the qualifications or experience of workforce members. Instead, they valued a workforce perceived to be approachable, inclusive, and able to challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.  

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