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SPEED You UP is an Interreg 2 Seas project with 13 project partners from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. The project runs from December 2019 to March 2023.

The overall project objective is to decrease the number of (at-risk) NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) by improving their employability opportunities through a co-created entrepreneurship programme that enhances entrepreneurial skills.

The project creates entrepreneur hubs both in secondary schools with a high number of at-risk NEET students and in local communities with a high number of hard-to-reach NEET young people. Within these hubs, young people develop and create pop-ups that answer the specific needs of the deprived communities in which they live or attend school. The project intends to increase their self-confidence, self-respect and motivation.

By creating entrepreneur hubs in and outside schools, SPEED-You-UP is the first tailor-made, community-driven, multi-stakeholder and needs-based approach for the prevention of NEET young people on such a large scale. Schools, businesses, welfare organisations, and local stakeholders work together, as the involvement of several stakeholders is crucial to designing and implementing the programme. 

The pop-up teams produce concrete solutions to local needs. Therefore, young people learn outside the classroom, interact with residents and local entrepreneurs, and build a network. They also set and achieve personal development and team goals. The project equips (at-risk) NEETs with positive experiences and future-proof entrepreneurial skills that will be especially useful in their labour market position.

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Interreg Programme Priority: Technological and Social Innovation

Specific Objective: Social Innovation

Acronym: Students and NEET young people, Professionals and Educators work on Employability and entrepreneurial skills in the battle against school Dropout and Youth UnemPloyment.

BU Involvement

Bournemouth University Business School is a globally accredited business school that inspires people and organisations to grow in a responsible and empathetic way through a fusion of innovative education, research, and practice. We are passionate about our work, making sure the opportunities we create reflect strong core values and our commitment to social responsibility. Speed-YOU-Up aligns perfectly, enabling us to impact society and contribute to regional growth by encouraging young people to reach new heights, developing confidence as part of the journey.

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