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Working abroad is a fantastic opportunity to combine professional development and cultural immersion, so many students choose this option for their placement year or to gain valuable course related work experience over the summer.

Having industry experience by graduation is good, but having industry experience abroad is even better! Companies and organisations also benefit from hiring a foreign intern due to the fresh outlook and work ethic they bring in, so securing a traineeship abroad may be easier than you think.

Every year, over 100 BU students undertake employment abroad, either as part of their placement year or as work experience abroad in the summer.

  • You can search for opportunities on MyCareerHub, or you can find a traineeship using your own contacts or by conducting research online
  • The Erasmus+ fund can help you cover some of the expense incurred by undertaking an overseas traineeship in Continental Europe. Erasmus+ funding is for traineeships that are 60 days or longer and take place in the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • You can also use the ‘GoinGlobal Overseas Job Vacancy System’ in MyCareerHub to search for overseas job opportunities.

Eligibility criteria for funding

There are certain criteria you must meet to be eligible for funding through Erasmus+

  • If your overseas traineeship is part of your official BU placement year then it must have been approved by your faculty's Placement Coordinator on MyCareerHub before you apply.
  • If your overseas traineeship is voluntary (ie not part of your BU placement then you will need to tell us how the work relates to your BU degree.
  • Your application for funding must be submitted before you start your traineeship and in some cases, a few months in advance.

Please note that additional eligibility criteria may apply. You can find more details about this, and how to apply for funding, on the Erasmus+ pages.

Important information about traineeships in Europe

Please be aware that some European companies and/or internship agencies will insist on obtaining a contract signed by the student, BU and the company. Please note that we will not sign any contract other than the Erasmus+ Traineeship agreement. As the Erasmus+ programme is well known throughout Europe so this shouldn’t pose a problem, but you may need to explain our terms to your potential employer.

What our students say

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