The Faith & Reflection centre in Talbot House provides spiritual support and care for students of all backgrounds, whether you have faith or not. We provide a safe space if you need somewhere quiet while on campus and run regular events where you can meet other students. We can also provide advice if you are looking to join a religious group. There is a wide variety of places to worship in and around Bournemouth, we've put together a list of local places of worship which may be of interest to you.

How we can help

You may be asking yourself many questions:

  • Looking for friendship or purpose in life? 
  • Want to set the world to rights? 
  • Hoping to get closer to God? 
  • Seeking to explore your inner self? 
  • Trying to realise your potential? 
  • Searching for the answers to ultimate questions? 

There are guides and companions in a variety of groups who can really help you. But beware of imitation. There are some religious movements that promise solutions to life's difficulties, but can land you with more problems than you started with:

  • Some of them are dishonest or secretive about what they really are
  • Some demand much more of your time than you might have bargained for
  • Some cost you a lot of money and put you in debt
  • Some can harm your relationships with family and friends
  • Some lead you into an emotional dependence so you could find it harder to leave than to join. 

Don't go away for a weekend or longer with a stranger or a strange group unless you know: 

  • The name of the sponsoring group 
  • The ideas, beliefs and affiliations 
  • What is going to happen at the meetings 
  • What will be expected of you 
  • That you will be free and able to leave at any time. 

If in doubt, contact Faith & Reflection on email  [email protected] or call (+44) 07928 129767.  

Places of worship 

Part of what we do as a faith and reflection team is support and signpost students and staff to find places of worship should they wish to. We have compiled an initial list below, but we are happy to chat to anyone who feels they would like some more specific guidance.

This is a list of local places of worship and is by no means exhaustive. You can also do your own research online, or talk to fellow students, friends or family.