Managing your food budget

Check out our tips to help you to budget for your food shopping - ensuring you eat healthily will give your studies a boost.

Food shopping

For many students starting university, it will be the first time they’ve really had to budget and stretch the last of their bank accounts. You’ll be surprised how quickly your student loan instalment can be used up with day to day costs – it is imperative you don’t sacrifice nutrition and your wellbeing for financial stability, and we urge you to remember that the university and SUBU are here to help. More information can be found on the SUBU Advice website and the BU financial support web pages, or you can contact the teams direct:

What you can do

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Get tips on how to manage your money and budget effectively while you’re at university.

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Shop smart

Read our tips on how to be savvy when spending your money on rent, entertainment, clothes, sport and food.

Part-time work

Part-time work

Learn about fitting part-time work around your studies and see what part-time job opportunities are available.