Donations: Library policies

Library and Learning Support accepts the donation of books, periodicals and other library material that enhances or extends our collections in support of the teaching, learning and research needs of Bournemouth University.

Please note:

  • It is not possible to accept all donations to the Library
  • Prior to acceptance, proposed donations are evaluated in line with the Library Collection and Access Development Plan
  • The Library is not able to accept unsolicited donations. Any received that are not relevant to the Library Collection will be disposed of
  • Donations become the property of Bournemouth University Library and may be disposed of at a later date, e.g. if they are superseded by new editions or electronic equivalents or if they no longer meet teaching, learning or research requirements
  • Please address donations queries via email to Library Acquisitions Team providing your contact details and a brief description of the size and subject area(s) of the donation.