For more information about Bournemouth University's Libraries and the rules and policies that they adhere to you can click on one of the following links:

Additionally, the Library Service Statement below documents what the BU community may expect and what the Library requires of its users.

Library Service Statement

The Library will: We expect users to:
General Provide services as advertised Abide by the Library rules
Accommodation Ensure that accommodation and facilities comply with health and safety requirements and are kept in good order.

Provide staff to help maintain an environment conducive to study.

Respect the rights of other users by helping to maintain a quiet and appropriate study environment in the Libraries. Please note that no animals may be brought into the libraries apart from registered assistance dogs.

Be responsible in their use of facilities and materials.

Take responsibility for putting their rubbish in the bin.

Resources Provide resources to support learning, teaching and research in print or, wherever possible, in electronic format.

Monitor the use of materials to maximise their exploitation.

Abide by the regulations governing the use of the Library facilities and resources.

Return items on loan promptly.

Help and Advice Ensure that staff are on duty to provide help and advice in the Libraries at core times.

Provide access to an online enquiry service.

Provide appropriate documentation to assist users in the exploitation of Library resources.

Provide a referral and appointment system to help with specialist information research.

Take responsibility for clarifying and reviewing their information needs.

Arrive on time for appointments and cancel or re-arrange any appointments they are unable to attend.

Learning Support Offer all new student cohorts an induction to Library and Learning Support during the student's first term at the University.

Offer all student cohorts further guidance in Library and information skills later in their course.

Provide materials and support for learners to develop their study skills throughout their course.

Offer all staff access to programmes and advice to support their own development and awareness of available student support.

Attend the skills sessions arranged.

Take responsibility for engaging with available materials and support to develop their own learning.

Feedback and Monitoring Provide an online comment form.

Hold surveys and focus groups from time to time.

Respond to complaints within 1 working week.

Participate actively in the feedback process, with timely, open and honest communication.