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Overdues and reminders

If you have items due for renewal or return, we send you reminders. The first series of these are sent by email to your university email account, so please login regularly.

The reminders are a courtesy service, intended to help you plan your library use and avoid fines. Being automatically generated, they are subject to system availability and it remains your responsibility to keep track of your own borrower record and to return or renew items on time, whether or not the alerts are sent or received.

Due date email alert and overdue reminders  - BU students and staff

The Library will send you an email reminder, two days before the due date of your loan.

Once your item is overdue, you will be sent further reminders. The first is sent by email when your loan is one week overdue, with a second, third and fourth email when your loan is two, three and four weeks overdue respectively. If you have a query regarding an emailed overdue reminder, please email Library Support or phone Library Enquiries on 01202 965959.

The fifth overdue reminder is sent to you by post once your item is six weeks overdue.

You will receive a sixth reminder once your item is eight weeks overdue. This will be an invoice/account, to include a charge for replacing the item. If you cannot return the item (e.g. if it is lost or damaged), you will be liable for the replacement charge in addition to fines.

Once your item is eight weeks overdue, your borrower record will be blocked. You will not be entitled to renew the overdue item or to borrow further items, until you have settled payment of the account with us.

If however you have still not returned your overdue items or settled payment of the account after a further six weeks, we send you a seventh reminder by post. A copy of this will also be sent to your Faculty's Education Service Manager.

All overdue reminders will be deemed sent, whether received by you or not.

If you change your address, it is your responsibility to notify your programme administrator or use the form on the Student webpages under log-in services.

Item queries

Access your borrower record regularly to check your loans and contact us immediately if there are any items showing that you think you have already returned.

We will ask you for details of when and where you returned the item and we will then complete an online item query form attached to your borrower record. This process allows you to carry on borrowing while we (and you) can make further checks. It does not suspend or prevent fines. Please contact us as soon as you notice a problem, to help minimize the amount of fines you may be liable for.

The queried item(s) will be shelf-checked the next working day and weekly thereafter.

If we find the item during a shelf-check, it will be discharged from your record. We will consider whether you are liable for any fine and will email you about this. If the item(s) has not been found by the time it is six weeks overdue, we will write to inform you.

Two weeks after that letter, we will send you an account detailing the cost of a replacement copy and any associated fines. The fines will depend on whether the item was already overdue when you contacted us (so we look at the date of the Item Query) and whether you settle the account within six weeks of the date printed on the account letter.

Once the Item Query is transferred to an account, you will not be able to borrow further items until the account is paid.

If the account is not settled within six weeks, or if the item is returned to the library at any point, you will be liable for full fines relating to the entire period the item was overdue and on your record.

To avoid fines and replacement charges caused by incorrectly returned items remaining on your borrower record, please make sure you:

  • check your borrower record regularly, using the link on the Library area in Brightspace or via the My Account option on the Library Catalogue
  • access your university emails regularly
  • read the on-screen messages and printed receipt when you return your items at the self-service units and only leave your book on the returns trolley if the system confirms the item has been successfully discharged.