Our reservation service enables you to reserve a book if all copies are out on loan.

To reserve a book, find it on mySearch:

  • If all copies of your selected title are unavailable, you will have the option to click the Place Reservation button
  • You'll need to be logged in to do this
  • Choose a location for collection - The Sir Michael Cobham Library or Weston Library 
  • Click Submit. A confirmation message will then appear

The maximum number of reservation requests is 12 at any one time. Please check Loan Allowances for details of how many items you can have on loan. 

What happens next?

  • Once a copy becomes available,we will send an email to your BU student account to inform you about collection
  • Please check which library you need to collect it from
  • Come to the library with your student or staff ID card -  having checked our opening times first 
  • Collect your book from the self-service Click and Collect shelves within 7 days of the email notification; after that time the reservation will be cancelled and the book returned to the main shelves
  • At a self-service unit, scan your ID Card and the book to issue it to your borrower record, and check and retain your receipt.