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Borrowing & returning

Our self service machines enable you to borrow and return books and DVDs quickly and efficiently.

To borrow items, you will need your ID card. Ensure you have no outstanding fines or very overdue items as this may block you from borrowing. Follow the on-screen instructions showing you how to position the book or DVD so it is scanned and issued properly.

Please make sure you check and retain your receipts. If you have a query, please bring in your receipt. There is a security system in operation at the Library's exit and any item which has not been borrowed correctly will set off an alarm. Library staff are authorised to check receipts and search users' belongings before they leave.

To return items, no ID card is needed. Position and scan the book or DVD as shown on the screen. Check the on-screen message so that you know whether to place the item on the returns trolley or in the blue box. Only leave your item on the returns trolley when you are sure you have scanned and returned it successfully. Please check the on-screen message and retain your receipt. You may return books and DVDs at either of our two campus libraries, regardless of which library you borrowed them from.

ID cards

During enrolment you will receive an ID card, which also acts as your Library card. Carry it with you at all times. You will not be able to borrow books without it.

If you lose your card, report it at one of the Library or askBU desks immediately, so that we can take steps to prevent its misuse on the self-service units.

As a member of staff, your staff card will act as your Library card. Please ensure that you have this card with you if you want to borrow an item.

Returning items when the library is closed

You will find secure returns boxes outside the library. Library staff will remove the items from your borrower record the next day or after the weekend.

Recalled books

We may recall items after 1 week if they have been requested by another user. If you receive a recall notice, please return the item as soon as possible.

Posting items

If you choose to return items by post, they remain your responsibility until we receive them and remove them from your record. Ask at the Post Office for proof of posting and allow enough time, because if the books are overdue you will be charged fines up to the date we receive the items.