Students who study BA (Hons) Film Production & Cinematography with us are based at one of our partner institutions – Wiltshire College, Salisbury.

The course offers a good blend of academic study and practical assignments, ultimately preparing students for work in the film or TV industries.

During the course students have the opportunity to produce, direct and edit a host of projects, from short entertainment videos and adverts to dramas and documentaries. Here some of our students tell us what attracted them to the course, and about their experiences studying on the degree so far. 


“A national reputation”

Munro Gascoyne 

Munro was attracted to the course thanks to the wide variety of its content and its strong reputation – based, not least, on the vast experience of our academics. Since starting, he’s found it to be the perfect environment in which to pursue his ambitions. 

Munro Gascoyne

“I studied the National Diploma in Media and I wanted to make my own films.

“When I did my research I found that this course has a national reputation, and is one of the few where you have the opportunity to film on celluloid as well as digital.

“The sheer volume of projects we undertake helps to create a sense of pace which reflects the industry we will be working in.”


“Incredible expertise”

Sara Gatland

Sara says one of her favourite things about the course is the amount of practical time she has to spend on filming different projects. She’s also been impressed by the time devoted by experienced industry professionals to providing direct support.

Sara Gatland

“The academic staff are all super-supportive. They take time to talk to you and I am always learning something new from their industry experience.

“You know when they tell you something it is correct because they have incredible expertise.

“There’s a large practical element to the course, so you get to really practise everything you’re taught in classes.”


“A partnership between students and tutors”

Marcos Spalding


For Marcos, the creative environment fostered by collaborating with like-minded students is a major benefit of his degree. With an eye on eventually writing and directing his own films, the practical experience he’s gained while studying is helping him get ready to realise his ambitions.

Marcos Spalding

“I respect the tutors enormously, they have so much experience from having worked within the film industry.

“It feels like a partnership between students and tutors, they want us to produce truly amazing work and the confidence they instil within us helps us produce our best work.

“I’ve been working as an event videographer on placement and have already made films for bands and clubs around Bournemouth, and I will continue to do this to help support me financially while building up my experience in film.”

To find out more about the degree – including year-by-year course content, entry requirements and placement information – visit the BA (Hons) Film Production & Cinematography course page.