Jess Lockyer

So Jessica, tells us a little more about yourself and why you decided to study product design

“I have always enjoyed creative activities like art and design and although I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study I was told by both teachers and my family that I would enjoy the type of topics and careers that product design can offer - and I haven’t looked back!”

What made you choose BU?

“I originally chose BU because I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to pursue a BA or BSc and Bournemouth University gave me the freedom to establish what my strengths and weaknesses were before deciding, in my final year, which honours best suited me. I also loved the fact that the BU courses had a more hands element with practical workshops as well as the opportunity for a placement year to enable me to gain first-hand experience in the industry.”

Part of your MDes (Hons) Product Design course is taking part in BU’s FoDE, where students showcase their designs, models and prototypes. Can you talk us through your project and your reasons for choosing this subject area in particular?

“This year I have taken a slightly different approach compared to previous projects I have worked on. This project focuses on the development of 4D printing and has been solely research based. The 4D printing model is based on 3D printing technology, but requires additional stimulus, such as heat, and stimulus-responsive materials that react over time to create a 4D structure. My research focuses on how 4D printing will affect designers in the future and whether a functional-approach will be needed to aid them at the conceptual stage of the design process.

“I chose this topic because it’s  new and exciting and could change the way we design products in the future and I’m intrigued as to how this might affect the industry. I hope my project can inspire and contribute to the development of other research projects in the area of 4D printing to help designers prepare for what could be a significant change in how design is approached.”

What do you think are the benefits of taking part in the FoDE?

“I think the FoDE gives you the opportunity to showcase all you have achieved during your time at university. I was in the show last year as a final year student on BSc Product Design and had the opportunity to show my fellow course mates and people from the industry what I had been working on throughout the year. It’s a chance to reflect on what you’ve achieved and celebrate those achievements – something to be proud of. This year I hope to show how I have developed as a designer in terms of the new skills and knowledge I have gained during my masters.”

Where to next? What are your career plans?

“When I graduate my aim is to pursue a career in product design so I can improve my skill set working within the industry. This, I hope, will provide me with the knowledge and experience to start or manage my own company in the future.”

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