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Getting around campus

Navigating your university campus can feel daunting at first, but with this handy guide to room numbering you should get the hang of it in no time.

Almost every room code at Bournemouth University is generated in the same way and will tell you exactly where you need to go.

The first letter(s) indicates the building and the numbers indicate the floor and the room. Room numbers that are hyphenated mean the first two letters indicate the building. For example:

“Where is F204?”

The F stands for the Fusion Building on Talbot Campus. The number, 204, then tells you the floor and the room – in this case, the second floor and room four.

If the letter G comes after the building code that means the room is on the ground floor. For example:

“Where is BG-G16?”

BG stands for Bournemouth Gateway Building on Lansdowne Campus. The rest of the code tells you that you’re looking for room 16 (PC Suite) on the ground floor.

The only exception to this system is The Sir Michael Cobham Library on Talbot Campus, which has the building code DL.

This table provides you with all of the building codes you should need in your first few weeks, along with which campus they can be found on. These buildings can all be found on our campus maps of Talbot and Lansdowne which are downloadable from our website.

Bournemouth Gateway Building (BG) Lansdowne
Executive Business Centre (EB) Lansdowne
Studland House (S) Lansdowne
Christchurch House (C) Talbot
Dorset House (D) Talbot
The Fusion Building (F) Talbot
Kimmeridge House (K) Talbot
Poole House (P)  Talbot
Poole Gateway Building (PG) Talbot
The Sir Michael Cobham Library (DL) Talbot
Student Centre (SC) Talbot
Tolpuddle Annexes (T) Talbot
Weymouth House (W) Talbot

Lecture theatres

Lecture theatres are located in several buildings on our Talbot and Lansdowne campuses. This list is here for you to consult as you get to know your way around.

Talbot Campus

Poole House (P)
Allsebrook Lecture Theatre
Barnes Lecture Theatre
Cobham Lecture Theatre
Lawrence Lecture Theatre
Lees Lecture Theatre
Shelley Lecture Theatre
Stevenson Lecture Theatre

Fusion Building (F)
Create Lecture Theatre
Inspire Lecture Theatre
Share Lecture Theatre

Kimmeridge House (K)
KG01 Lecture Theatre
KG03 Lecture Theatre
Marconi Lecture Theatre

Lansdowne Campus

Bournemouth Gateway Building (BG)

The Wolfson Lecture Theatre

Executive Business Centre (EB)
EB206 Lecture Theatre
EB306 Lecture Theatre
EB708 Lecture theatre