We would like you to participate or continue your participation in academic research being carried out by BU researchers.

Research” is a form of disciplined enquiry which aims to contribute to a body of knowledge or theory. The BU researchers carrying out the research may be undergraduate or postgraduate students (working under appropriate staff supervision), BU staff or a combination of staff and students. The research may be carried out only by BU researchers, or it may involve BU researchers working in collaboration with researchers in other organisations. BU processes provide that BU researchers will only carry out research where the results of the research will have value for society, and where the research will meet relevant ethical standards or requirements.

BU researchers will provide you with a participant information sheet setting out details of the particular research study. This will explain the purpose of the research, the criteria for participating (i.e. why we think you are a suitable person to be involved), what is involved in participation (i.e. what we will ask you to do) and which data we will be collecting or generating and retaining in the course of the research project. It will also explain how we will use your data in our research outputs, and let you know if your data will be shared in an identifiable form with any third parties, such as collaborators from other organisations.

In addition to data we collect from you or generate through interactions with you as part of the research activity, we will also hold your personal data within project governance documentation (in particular participant agreements or consent forms) and records of any communications with you through email or letter. These will usually need to be retained for audit purposes even if you decide not to take part or withdraw from participation at a later date.