Under FOIA and EIR, we make information available through our approved publication schemes and in response to written requests for information.

Publication Scheme

Our Publication Scheme guide outlines how to access commonly requested information that we routinely publish. It is worth checking these before requesting information. Download a copy of the Publication Scheme (pdf 279kb).

Our wholly owned subsidiary companies also have Publication Scheme guides, which you can download:


The University will routinely publish any relevant dataset (as defined by section 11(5) of FOIA as amended) which we hold, together with any updated versions. This shall only apply to datasets that have already been requested and released by us under FOIA from 1 September 2013.

We will make these datasets available via links set out under section 1.10 of our Publication Scheme: Guide to Accessing Information pdf 279kb). Where we are the owner of such works, any re-use of the datasets shall be subject to the Open Government Licence or such other licence as we specify.

Please note that we are not required to publish any relevant dataset:

  • where we are satisfied that it is not appropriate to do so; or
  • in electronic form, where it is not reasonably practicable to do so.

Requesting information

Before sending us a request for information, we suggest that you check whether you can access the information directly without sending a request, in particular:

  • Through our Publication Scheme (see above); or
  • The IT Services FOIA Data document is currently being reviewed and revised. This will be republished shortly.

For information not available through these means, please send us a written request by letter or email using the contact details on this page. You may wish to use our Information Request Form (pdf 387kb) for this.

We will respond to your request within the applicable timeframe under FOIA or EIR. This is usually 20 working days from the later of receipt of your request, any clarifications we require from you and, in some cases, payment of a fee.

Please refer to our Schedule of Charges (pdf 39kb) to find out about the fees we are entitled to charge under FOIA and EIR.

When we respond, we will either provide you with the information requested or explain why we do not have to provide it because an exemption applies. For information about the exemptions under FOIA and EIR, see the Information Commissioner’s Office webpages: