This page sets out the conditions of your temporary access to Bournemouth University (BU) IT systems and resources. You are being given a temporary BU account on these conditions, and compliance with the conditions is a requirement of your engagement with BU. By using or continuing to use your BU account, you are accepting these conditions. If you break these conditions, your access may be suspended, restricted or removed without further notice. 

Conditions of access

  1. BU systems access and resources accessed through those systems must be used only for the purposes of your engagement with BU. 
  2. You must not:
    1. download, copy, retain or use any BU resources or any third-party resources accessed through BU systems; or
    2. access or use other people's personal data for any other purposes (whether professional or personal).
  3. When BU provides you with copies of any materials, these are for your personal use in relation to your enagement with BU only.  BU retains ownership of the intellectual property rights in these materials. You are not permitted to use them for any commercial purpose or to provide copies to third parties.
  4. You must not take any action which could compromise the security or integrity of BU’s network or systems. This means that you must:
    1. not share your BU login and password with anyone (this includes not allowing third parties access to them);
    2. not connect any hardware to our physical network or download any software to BU provided hardware, unless you have specific permission from BU IT Services;
    3. not click on any links or open any emails within a BU account if you do not recognise the sender and are not confident, they are safe;
    4. apply security updates and use security tools and measures as required whenever you log into BU systems on any device. This may include providing contact details or other information as necessary for authentication or password reset measures and complying with BU’s current password policy
    5. comply with BU’s Acceptable Use Policy, as an authorised user.  Please note the requirements in section 4 of that policy;
    6. comply with any requirement for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to access your BU IT account (see MFA guidance and Frequently Asked Questions); and
    7. comply with any other rules or requirements notified to you by BU’s Information Security team or your normal BU contact.

If you are not sure about any action in connection with BU’s systems or your account, contact BU’s IT Service Desk (telephone 01202 965515, freephone 0808 196 2332) for advice before taking any action.

  1. You must report any actual or potential information/cyber-security risk or incident within or affecting your BU account to BU’s IT Service Desk immediately, follow instructions from BU regarding actions to respond to a risk/incident and provide reasonable co-operation to any investigation into a security risk or incident. 
  2. You must undertake any information security or information governance training notified to you by BU as a condition of your continued system access. 

Please note that your BU login may be disabled if you do not use it for a three-month period. You may be able to request re-activation of your account, subject to verification of your identity should you need to use it for BU in future. As part of standard housekeeping processes, disabled BU login accounts will be reviewed annually and removed if appropriate, this includes deletion of the data held in the account.

Privacy information: how we process your personal information

To provide you with access to our systems and resources, we need to know, process and retain a record of some of the personal information submitted by you to BU in connection with your engagement. We maintain your BU IT account linked to this personal information.  We will send emails to your BU email account where necessary for the purposes of account administration and management of information security.

Information relating to your IT account will be accessible only to our IT administrators and will be used only for the purposes of managing your account and your system access and otherwise in accordance with BU’s privacy notice if you are required to use MFA you may find it useful to read further information about the use of your personal data in relation to MFA.