Staff induction

Once you start working at the University, your line manager will meet with you to plan your induction.  You will also be invited to a University induction day where you will have the opportunity to meet other new and existing members of staff and find out more about BU’s strategic plan, vision and values.

Travelling to the university

The university encourages staff to travel by sustainable transport modes where possible. There are a number of different ways to get to the university, including active travel (walking and cycling), a university-run bus service, and a lift share service. Further details are available on the BU website. For staff who drive to work, there are a limited number of parking spaces available across the university's campuses. To park on campus, you will need to apply for and hold a valid parking permit. Details of how to do this will be included in your offer pack.

Campus maps

Detailed maps showing building locations and facilities in both Lansdowne and Talbot campus are available on the BU website.


There are a number of facilities and services available for staff at BU to use. They include:

Benefits and discounts

Once you start working at BU, there are a range of benefits available to you, including pensions, childcare, healthcare, staff discounts, sports activities and many more.  Further details are available on BU’s website.


There are a range of facilities are available on both Talbot and Lansdowne Campus for food and drinks, including Costa Coffee Cafes and Starbucks Cafes.

The service is available 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Employee Assistance Programme  

The EAP services provides all staff with a free and confidential helpline with unlimited access to information, advice and support, including counselling, relationship, financial, career  and legal advice.

Faith & Reflection service

There is a multi-faith BU Chaplaincy available to support staff of all faiths to offer pastoral care and spiritual support. Further details are available on the University’s Faith & Reflection Service website.

Language support

The Language Centre on the first floor of the Sir Michael Cobham Library at Talbot Campus offers English language support for staff. This includes the use of various software programmes for English language learning, as well as a wide range of book-based resources.  There is also a dedicated Language Adviser who can offer you tailored support.


You can access the library and borrow books using your staff ID card.

Staff ID card (SmartCard)

As a new member of staff, you will be issued with a BU Smartcard. This card will allow you:

  • Access to specific buildings or floors that require a pass
  • Access to BU car parks, if you have been issued with a permit
  • Access to cycle compounds
  • To use any Xerox printer on campus
  • To travel between campuses on BU buses for free
  • Special offers and various discounts exclusively for BU staff


There are a number of opportunities for you at SportBU to get active, for example, you can join the gym, attend fitness classes or arrange personal training.

Keep in touch!

Let Human Resources know when you will be arriving and contact us with any questions you may have about your move. We look forward to welcoming you to BU.