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Recent publications

Below are the most relevant publications our academic team have contributed to or written, separated by year of publication, as well as a list of all the books in the field of Accounting, Finance & Economics that we've contributed to.


Antonakakis, N., Cunado, J., Filis, G., Gabauer, D. and Perez de Garcia, F., 2018. Oil volatility, oil and gas firms and portfolio diversification. Energy economics, 70, 499-515.

Baines, D., Strickland-Hodge, B. and Kennedy, M.-C., 2018. Pharmacist Prescribing in England: Acting on History to Address Current Challenges in Pharmacy Practice. Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research.

Baines, D.L., 2018. The Frontier Framework (and its eight Frontier Archetypes): A new conceptual approach to representing staff and patient well-being in health systems. Social Science and Medicine, 208, 98-106.

Bruwer J., Girish P., Disegna M. (2018) "Why Wine Tourists Visit Cellar Doors: Segmenting Motivation and Destination Image”. International Journal of Tourism Research, 20(3), 355-366.

D Ambrosio, A., Montresor, S., Parrilli, M.D. and Quatraro, F., 2018. Migration, communities on the move and international innovation networks: an empirical analysis of Spanish regions. Regional Studies, 1-11.

Degiannakis, S., Filis, G. and Hassani, H., 2018. Forecasting global stock market implied volatility indices. Journal of Empirical Finance, 46, 111-129.

Disegna, M., D'Urso, P. and Massari, R., 2018. Analysing cluster evolution using repeated cross-sectional ordinal data. Tourism management, 69, 524-536. 

Hartwell, C., 2018. On the impossibility of central bank independence: four decades of time- (and intellectual) inconsistency. Cambridge Journal of Economics.

Hartwell, C.A., 2018. The "Hierarchy of Institutions" reconsidered: Monetary policy and its effect on the rule of law in interwar Poland. Explorations in Economic History.

Khoo-Lattimore C., Girish P., Disegna M. (2018) “Me, My Girls and the Ideal Hotel: Segmenting Motivations of the Girlfriend Getaway Market using Fuzzy C-Medoids for Fuzzy Data”. Journal of Travel Research, DOI:

Orlic, E., Hashi, I. and Hisarciklilar, M., 2018. Cross Sectoral FDI spillovers and their impact on manufacturing productivity. International Business Review.

Papanikolaou, N.I., 2018. To be bailed out or to be left to fail? A dynamic competing risks hazard analysis. Journal of Financial Stability, 34, 61-85.

Papanikolaou, N.I., 2018. A dual early warning model of bank distress. Economics Letters, 162, 127-130.

Piesse, J., Conradie, B., Thirtle, C. and Vink, N., 2018. Efficiency in wine grape production: comparing long-established and newly developed regions of South Africa. Agricultural Economics, 49 (2), 203-212.

Webster, A. and Piesse, J., 2018. Are Foreign-Owned Firms More Likely to Pay Bribes than Domestic Ones? Evidence from Emerging Markets. World Development, 101, 142-161.

Zalata, A.M., Tauringana, V. and Tingbani, I., 2018. Audit committee financial expertise, gender, and earnings management: Does gender of the financial expert matter? International Review of Financial Analysis, 55, 170-183.


Akanga, F.K., 2017. Microfinance accountability in Cameroon: A cure or a curse for poverty alleviation? Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change, 13 (1), 112-130.

Ambroziak, A.A. and Hartwell, C.A., 2017. The impact of investments in special economic zones on regional development: the case of Poland. Regional Studies, 1-10.

Bwire, T., Lloyd, T. and Morrissey, O., 2017. Fiscal Reforms and the Fiscal Effects of Aid in Uganda. Journal of Development Studies, 53 (7), 1019-1036.

Degiannakis, S. and Filis, G., 2017. Forecasting oil price realized volatility using information channels from other asset classes. Journal of International Money and Finance, 76, 28-49.

Di Lascio, F.M.L. and Disegna, M., 2017. A copula-based clustering algorithm to analyse EU country diets. Knowledge-Based Systems, 132, 72-84.

Hassani, H., Ghodsi, Z., Gupta, R. and Segnon, M., 2017. Forecasting Home Sales in the Four Census Regions and the Aggregate US Economy Using Singular Spectrum Analysis. Computational Economics, 49 (1), 83-97.

Hassani, H., Silva, E.S., Antonakakis, N., Filis, G. and Gupta, R., 2017. Forecasting Accuracy Evaluation of Tourist Arrivals. Annals of Tourism Research, 63, 112-127.

Hassani, H., Silva, E.S. and Ghodsi, Z., 2017. Optimizing bicoid signal extraction. Mathematical Biosciences, 294, 46-56.

Hayward, R. and Hölscher, J., 2017. The Forward-Discount Puzzle in Central and Eastern Europe. Comparative Economic Studies, 59 (4), 472-497.

Hearn, B., Phylaktis, K. and Piesse, J., 2017. Expropriation risk by block holders, institutional quality and expected stock returns. Journal of Corporate Finance, 45, 122-149.

Hearn, B., Strang, R. and Piesse, J., 2017. Social elites on the board and executive pay in developing countries: Evidence from Africa. Journal of World Business, 52 (2), 230-243.

Kay, A. and Baines, D., 2017. Evolutionary approaches to the concept of drift in policy studies. Critical Policy Studies, 1-16.

Keshari, A., Mishra, N., Shukla, N., McGuire, S. and Khorana, S., 2017. Multiple order-up-to policy for mitigating bullwhip effect in supply chain network. Annals of Operations Research, 1-26.

Khorana, S., 2017. Mega‑regional trade Agreements: Costly distractions for developing countries? Journal of Economic Structures, 6-29.

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