Currently two and a half years into her degree and on clinical placement in cardiology at Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Mica Lee is studying for a BSc in Adult Nursing at BU.

“Two of my best friends went to Bournemouth University, and it was one of the first options because it’s close to home for me and I preferred it over Southampton because it was more laid-back.

“I’ve always been interested in nursing, since I was young, but it wasn’t something that I pursued at college. When I was studying, I became a full-time carer for my Nan, and it was from that that I thought I might be alright as a nurse.”

While on placement, Mica enjoys having a degree of autonomy while still being able to find a helping hand when she needs it.

“Life at BU is really great, it’s really laid back and I’ve been lucky enough to have some really amazing mentors and tutors, and the level of support is really good as well, so if there’s anything you are struggling with, there’s always a helping hand.

“At university, we’re given a general placement but the team is great, it’s probably one of the best teams that I’ve worked with – they’re really trusting, so it’s one of the placements where I’ve had the most independence in doing things, whereas often a lot of the time, you can be a bit wrapped up in bubble wrap and everything you do is watched.

“At Royal Bournemouth Hospital, I’m able to get on with my work, which really helps my confidence and makes me more sure of what I’m doing, too. Sometimes, it can be really busy, then other days it can be quiet and I’m fighting for jobs to do. Everyone on the ward is there to help when you need it, and they’ve all been really welcoming, considering you’re the new kid on the block, so it’s been great.”

Mica Lee - Healthcare heroes

Sometimes it’s good to try something new, and as Mica explains, delving into more than one area can help with understanding broader subject areas.

“It’s different than anything that I’ve done before because I’ve mainly been in nursing homes and on a surgical ward based in neurology. Cardiology was something that I knew nothing about so it was good to get a better understanding – everyone has a heart and it is the main system in the body so it’s been really good to understand everyone’s different anatomy and physiology and how it works. It’s then good to be able to cater the care to suit people’s needs.

“It’s mainly the little things, like if a patient is down about something, and you manage to get an outcome that they want, that’s probably one of the best things. A lot of patients, when they are here, are at their most vulnerable, so they need someone that is willing to do the extra running round, making sure that they get a safe outcome that they want.

Initially, travel was a bit of a concern for Mica, with the distances involved being a challenge, but her work so far is leading her to consider further studies.

“I love being here, I thought I’d get fed up after a while because I do an hour’s commute back and forth all the time, and I thought that would put me off, but it hasn’t. It’s been a really great university, to the point where I am thinking about staying on another year to do a postgraduate degree researching dementia.

For more information about nursing courses at BU, visit the course pages of the BU website