As a Bournemouth University student studying Law, you’ll be assessed in a variety of ways, including both traditional academic assessments and modern practical skills tasks. Mooting is one such form of assessment.

Our Law department is at the heart of legal practice in Bournemouth, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with local lawyers, practitioners, and barristers across a variety of events and projects, such as the annual Women in Law panel. Jonathan Underhill is a specialist criminal and regulatory barrister practicing at one of the oldest chambers of barristers in the UK, 3 paper buildings. Each year Jonathan joins our faculty to guest lecture, supporting you to gain professional and legal confidence in a Moot Court environment.

But what is a moot court? It is a fictional courtroom simulation, in which, participants advocate a point of law on behalf of their client before a judge, who might be a faculty member, a practicing lawyer, or a judge.

Other forms of practical assessments you will undertake during your degree at BU, include presentations, podcast creation, negotiations, and client interviewing. Each of these forms of assessments, helps you develop the necessary transferable skills to practice law or enter any professional industry.