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Courtroom drama

Moot Court experience

Our practical Moot Court experience tests oral and written skills in an interactive courtroom environment and is highly valuable for our law students prior to embarking on their law careers.

As a first-year law student, you prepare and deliver advanced mooting skills on a project developed by Senior Lecturer in Law Dr Max Lowenstein using a grant from the Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL).

Through this you gain professional confidence and legal competence, and develop advanced legal skills in the first year that are akin to the skills learned at postgraduate level on a Legal Practice Course or Bar Professional Training Course prior to becoming a barrister.

You get the opportunity to take part in workshops and work with non-law students from across BU in show trials involving judges, juries, witnesses and legal counsels. Your practical courtroom experience involves complex mooting appeals up to the High Court and Court of Appeal Civil Division, including basic rules of evidence and court procedures. And, as part of the CEL grant, you benefit from advanced legal skills workshops on opening and closing statements to judges and juries, and witness handling (examination-in-chief/cross-examination). 

Our Moot Courts are just one example of a range of ways in which our law courses enable you to develop practical legal skills. These include presentation skills honed in practice sessions and jurisprudence presentations in the first year, as well as negotiation, mediation and advocacy skills in the second year.

Beyond this, our Moot Courts also allow BU's non-law students to learn about trial processes and to observe legal skills in practice – giving a valuable insight into how courts operate.

To see our Moot Court in action, please watch our previous show trials and discover how this valuable practical experience will enhance your legal training.

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Show trials and reports:

Moot Court 2018

Show Trial 2018

Watch the entirety of this show trial, filmed on 30 April 2018, and read the report.

Moot Court 2017

Show Trial 2017

Filmed on 2 May 2017, this murder trial included considering the possibility of diminished responsibility.